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I've done so much printing this term! I'm pretty sure it's the most amount of printing I have done in any term at college. Also this is only week three! I have two history classes and one anthropology class. I knew this would make for a lot of reading, but there are so many extra reading sources that need to be printed out. I have a hard time reading something more that a few pages on a computer screen. All of the readings are definitely longer than three pages, also my proffs. like the students to have them in class. This may sound pretty crazy, but students are given 500 pages of printing through tuition prices, and I'm feeling rather certain I'm going to use mine all up between my three classes! After that it gets really expensive, maybe 25 cents by page. I'm hating to think what it will be like if, or when I run out of that 500 pages.

I really wish the proffersors had had all the PDFs and bound in a collection which was sold with the other course texts at the library. Their rationale for not doing so was the really cheap printing costs here at PSU. However, I wish they had assumed that their students were going to be taking twelve or more credits. Also since most of my classes are upper devision I would think the proffs. would think that at the upper devision level there will be lots of reading for twelve credits or more. Printing out and binding a book for projected memebers of the course would be a good idea to pay for itself in the likely event that the student goes over their 500 page limit. Also temp workers, requiring no pre-reqs knowledge to earn some money over the summer. Heck I would have went for a job like that. I mean no offesive to my proffs., or to the acedemic community as a whole, but I really wish there was more planning on the acedemic communities part. There is totally such a thing on the as dumb smart people ;)  :P
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