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Towards the end of this term I decided to take a break from college for Spring term. I usually take off Summer terms, but this time it just seems like the best idea to take five on Spring term as well. I'm planning on taking weight lifting and yoga, but no academic courses. I was stressed out enough that I was crying a lot like Fall of 2005 and just plain not feeling well mentally at all. I was considering upping my Prozac because my ocd symptoms were (are?) getting worse. However after talking to mum she convinced me that it would be okay for me to take a break for a little while and work, and have some money for the first time. After talking to Molly and Tyson about it too, I needed no more convincing. Everyone else so far, has been supportive especially after they hear about my situation. I've been taking college courses for the past seven years.

On the other hand I do wonder if it okay. I've always taken summers off and a go part time (no more than 12 credits at time). Some students do much more credits and take summers. For me though, depending on the course eight credits can really kick my ass. I've been able to do 12 credits with A's, but only in community college. I still think taking the Spring off is a good idea, but I'm nervous. Perhaps its because I've only worked once for several months between high school and college, and since then it's been all college. 
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