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It's a strange feeling that this is my last day on campus! It's my last final today (Geography) and as I'm graduating on Friday (Oh my Gosh, Oh my gosh!) I don't think I'll need to return. The student learning center is closed today , so I guess I unwittingly said goodbye to it yesterday. I'm in the computer resource lab right now, and I will make sure to sit with the koi at the fountain, before I leave.

I usually try not to be so sentimental, but I guess it's in order as I've been here at Portland Community College Rock Creek Campus for four years now. It's been a really good run. My teachers have been excellent, and I learned about myself and interests, that in the case of anthropology, have become passions changing my course. I'm really glad I decided to slow down and come to PCC, rather than trying to painfully stick it out at PSU. I feel braver again, and don't feel like an awful wreck anymore. I didn't actually make any friends here, but It's not really what I came to do, and it wasn't because people were cold or unfriendly, like they seemed at PSU. Very much the opposite! There were a few things I meant to do that I didn't get around to. Like seeing if I could buy some wool from the farming part of school, or join in on any extra around school events. The events always seemed to be right when I was in class. However I do feel very fulfilled with what I've done here at PCC. I'm going to miss the pretty rural campus when I trade it in for the completely urban campus of PSU, but at the same time I think a change of scenery would be nice. I'll miss the windy little trip from St. Helens through Cornelius Pass to Rock Creek, but I look forward to taking the more straight forward commute to PSU. I guess I just wanted to say thank-you to PCC for making this whole college thing a lot more possible! ^_^

Now onwards to a new college-life section at PSU! I'm hoping this will only take me a couple of years, I shall see. I still have a lot of misgivings about PSU, but it's near and with financial aid I and family can afford it. My hope is that coming back to PSU as a junior will help me through this time. Part of me wishes that I could be done now, but I have this deep desire to see this through to a couple of bachelor's degrees. Maybe I'm barking mad, but I guess we'll find out for sure soon enough! Well, to prepare for the most immediate future, I best go study for my geography exam at 2:00 pm. Phew it is a tough one keeping motivated right before the end...

Goodbye to PCC RC, thanks again you lovely friendly school, thanks for helping me restore my cofidence to the levels that I can, and thanks for the great pre-requisite credits that I now don't have to take at PSU from TAs. I really really appreciate that! I will recommend you to all my friends and family when they are starting college! Hopefully you will meet my friend Amanda soon, she's got so much potential, and I know her future would be bright with you! I'll but in some more good words for you!

Lots of Love, your four-year-companion---Hayley! x  x  x ^___^
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Odd, cerebral, dark, out of context.

It's usually most readily understood by my Dad, we make each other laugh a lot. That's fun I really glad we get along so well. He and my auntie Ali are my kindred spirits in my family. It's been a long time since I filled out one of the writer's blocks.
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These are not in order of priority, just as I think of them if they have a (*) they are important. Number of (*) equals level of importance. No stars means it would be nice, but doesn't have to happen.

Clean my bedroom- which will make me feel better. I'll hopefully be able to get rid of a lot of stuff, and hopefully hopefully I'll be able to find my favorite NAL reference book, and my key ring! (* * * * *)

Go to England with my June 20th to early July - See family ^_^ +history, maybe try to arrange archaeology work with Andy, maybe... (* *) (It's a done deal for going now)

Read up for Chronical Fuedalis- and start the game after I return. Hopefully I'll be able to come up with a full campaign, and not make each session episodic. (* * * *)

Work on NAL- See how much I can get done, try for a full draft! Only if NAL is going smoothly than other stories too. (* * * * * )

Go to PSU - and see an advisor, plan out school for 2010-2011. (* * * * )

Look for and work on Scholarships- Any extra $ help would be good! (* * *)

Submit FASA online ASAP ( * * * * *)

Go to SCA Event with Tyson for Anniversary- Not sure which one yet, but a couple look really promising. (* * * * )

Try to go to an event a month this Summer (* *  *)

Work with Gulliver

Arrange 12 am to 9am Sleep Schedule (* * *)

Paint a 9 piece painting of NAL and or other story stuffs

Make new Garb under Katrina's Guidance (* * * * *)-  I really need new garb, but I really like to make it myself. I hope that's okay with Katrina.

Help Mum & Dad by cleaning house- I think this might be easiest by assigning myself a different task per week. ( * * * * *)

(EDIT)  Forgot two! See above!

This is all I can think of for now, but I will do a continuation if I think of more. I think why my previous Summers haven't been productive is I 'm not very good a structuring myself/organizing.

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Just a little thoughtful stuff again. My last Yoga & movement class is tomorrow, and the instructor wanted us to write or demonstrate techniques. I'm way to shy to demonstrate so I decided to write a little reflection paper. I do better at that sort of thing and it's not stressful. I thought I might go ahead and share it. Also I thought it might be nice to save my feeling on my first experience with Yoga. I've been rather scientific with my LJ lately, but that's okay a big part of way I'm doing it is to keep tacking of my doings, and keep a record. Here is the little paper:

Reflection on Yoga and Movement Class

Our class was a pleasant surprise to me in more ways than one. Originally it wasn’t a part of my schedule, but I am now really happy it has been. In the beginning I was planning on taking a spinning class, which I have experience in, but the class schedules were difficult to read and I had actually signed up for Yoga. It was fun and interesting during the first class so I decided to stay.  Although I like spinning, I am really glad I tried our class, because it allowed me to find another activity I enjoy and a new type of exercise altogether. I know that sometimes in life things get mixed up, and something new happens, but I decided to look at it as a good thing. An opportunity which presented itself and I was able to take. I figured this might be in harmony with the practice of Yoga.

The other way in which I was surprised was, I have been curious about Yoga for a little while now, but I was hesitant to participate in it. I had a preconception that, as Yoga looked so graceful and beautiful that it required grace and a great deal grace. I don’t know how the feeling came to me, but through the years I have felt that I am clumsy and having no grace. As a result I thought I wouldn’t be able to do Yoga. However, through this class I have found that I am capable of the poses, the stretching feels wonderful, and that I am graceful and flexible enough to do so. It seems I just needed to try it and not hesitate.

I was also surprised at the amount of cardiovascular exercise I received through Yoga. When I first started I didn’t imagine myself become sweaty or feeling exerted from poses. However, now I look back on it I realize that although while not doing the pose it looks like just a stretch, but actually there is a lot going on in my body. I’m breathing deeply and differently that how I would at rest. I’m working my muscles and my tendons hard although it’s not in the same way as one might in running or weight lifting it can definitely be felt.

In closing I must say I always feel cheery coming from Yoga and Movement class. It feels really nice to have treated my body well after a whole week of paying attention to my mind almost exclusively. Also I feel much more relaxed after our meditation. I really pleased I can let myself go in that moment and still my mind, being in school doesn’t give one many opportunities to do that. I have also used the meditation to help me relax to sleep. I’m really glad I decided to stay in our class, it’s been really fun, and has made me feel well. I’m happy to have taken a chance on it, it was well worth it.

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 Whoo I'm sleepy today. Just one more class (geography), and I'm done for the day. I really have to work on going to bed earlier when I'm at mum and dad's house...

It's hard to believe that next week is the week preceding finals week! I don't really count finals week as a regular school week, as at that point it is a matter of taking the test, no more lectures, no more studying. As a result that means we only have one more week of school left. I'm not counting this week as it's almost half over. I'm a glass-half-full type girl. Well, I was going to yabber on some more, but geography is---right now. I will post a real type post soon!
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This morning was nice and different. Mum had to go into the immigration office in Portland this morning to get her passport stamped for residency, as her Green Card is being processed for a typo. She needs it fixed so we can visit England in June, yay! Aside from it being a hassle for her I think we had fun. I followed them into Portland, just because I could. We arrived at 9:00 this morning and Mum's appointment was until 10:00 so she, dad, I stopped by Powells. It was nice, and I had a little extra time when Mum and Dad went to the appointment. I thought it would be the best time to pick up Tyson a present for his birthday. I was getting worried about how I was going to be able to do it secretly. I found some nice things that I think he will like/ get some use out of. One of the things I bought I bought on a memory that he needed it. I hope it's still the case.

The other productive thing for today is I got my French HW work done. Nothing out of the ordinary there, it just feels good. I'm going to catch the bus home tonight so that will be give me almost two hours to work on HW for Geography, which is good. I guess this all nothing important, it was just nice to do something completely different this morning and accomplish some person stuff, for once!

Hayley ^_^
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Nika has a very interesting little meme on Journal. I thought I would do it too just in case anyone's interested in my association with you and color, and what not. ^_^ Here it is...

1. Something random about you.
2. Which color you remind me of.
3. My first memory of you.
4. What animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.
6. My favorite thing about you.
7. My least favorite thing about you. One thing I find surprising about you . I like the surprising better, I don't have anything negative to say about my buddies.
8. Challenge you to post this on your journal.

The school term seems to be progressing well. It's almost May, so than after this next month I'll have my Associates of Science! Hooray! One step closer to being a anthropologist/historian ^_^. At the same time though having another couple of years of school sounds like a lot. However, I'll probably be so busy trying to fit it all in for two degrees that I won't even notice lol!

Sheri came over to see me the other night, she's so nice that way. She mentioned causally that she and Arron (here long time boyfriend) are planning on getting married in the time frame of this fall to early next year 0_0! I think this is cool and a good thing for sure. They've been together six years and love each other ALOT, also Arron is a good man and he is good for Sheri they have complimentary personalities.

I wish I could feel the same way about my other best buddies wedding, but as long as Jason is happy I'm happy. Kim isn't the easiest person to get along with, but I think she will treat Jason well. I'm really looking forward to being Jason's Best Man, he's been a dear friend of mine for so long, and it's really quite an honor, because if his brother James were still alive I know he would be Best Man for Jason. I'm in no way trying to fill Jame's shoes, but I'm glad that even though Jason and I never had a romantic relationship, I can at least do this for him. I really hope the second volcano in Iceland doesn't erupt while we're in England. I would hate to miss his wedding in August! *worries*

It's funny to think that many of my closet friends are getting married either just around the corner, or in the near future. It's cool though and happy. I know that weddings can be a not so pleasant topic for many people. I'm also not in a hurry to do so myself, don't know if I'll ever be able to. However, all the weddings I've experienced so far have been happy and fun.

I'm so happy to be back in the swing of things writing wise with NAL. I don't know where the bravery to do so is coming from. I'm just going to have lots of fun with it and try to finish the chapter one rewrite as soon as I can. I will post it here on my LJ when I'm done with it *squee!* Off to do french homework...
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Spring term 2010 has begun, my last term at Portland Community College! It's a bit nerve wracking and exciting to be so close to graduation. Nerve wracking in the way that I'm worried that something, anything could go wrong. At this point logically it would be hard for something to prevent me from graduating, at the end of this term. I have my graduation paper work turned in, and I'm finished with all the specific course requirements. At this point I'm making sure I have twelve credits this term so I can have the set of 90 I need for my associates in science. The twelve credits I have this term are: Geography of the Developing world, Painting I, French 101 and Yoga and Movement PE class. I decided to take Geography because I really enjoyed the first course I took and I realized that there is much more to Geography that memorizing country whereabouts and capitals. Not that there's anything wrong with that, it's just it gets even more interesting! Dealing with culture, landscape, movement of peoples, history, subsisting strategies, climate and others. It actually has a lot in common with history and anthropology *love*. I'm considering minoring in it when I get to PSU! I chose the to take French, as for a Bachelors of Anthropology at PSU two years (six terms) of college level foreign language is required. I figured I'd get a cheaper head start in a language I'm already familiar with ^_^. As for the PE class and the painting course. I hadn't painted in a long time and while I'm not very good at it I had lots of fun doing it in High School and a little bit since then in my free time. The PE class is because I want to become more fit and be healthy. On a side note I would really like to loose some weight, for the first time since after puberty! I might have a chance to since I'm taking my metformin now! Also as the painting class was three credits and the PE is one, it matched up really well for the last set of four I need to ensure twelve credits. Hooray!

So far (as of week two) the course is looking pretty good. The homework level has been comfortable and the material we've been covering in both French and Geography has been things I'm familiar with and very interesting. It is twelve credits so I will have to keep my eye on the ball, but it's a nice mixture of things I need with things I enjoy. It also very comforting to know that I'm moving on as far as college goes and I am hopefully soon approaching a time that I won't have to go to college anymore and I can be more independent and do something other than be a student.
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I went to check up on my school schedule for tomorrow, and check my school email, and got back bad news. The Speech 140 Intercultural Communications class I was sighed up for was canceled due to low enrollment. I'm so disappointed. It would have fit in so well with my Anthropology major and being a speech class it would have been a helpful course to have in general. In the back of my mind I was a little worried this might happen as there were lots of fliers posted around the school alerting students to the course. Usually this is done to help up the enrollment numbers, when the faculty is worried the class won't make muster.

I know it isn't a class they would be popular, but I don't understand why there wouldn't be enough interest in the student body to keep the class alive. I've heard from a lot of students that they are business majors. What's with the not taking a class which would be so good for one's business, or would make you a very competent business man or woman? There are so many businesses in the United States which have over seas offices or factors, lots of out sources of jobs, it seems to no big business is isolated to a single country anymore. Also with the worlds fast movement, mass travel, intermarriage, blink speed communication in any number of languages, that a class about how to communicate with other cultures would be interesting to students, if not a defense mechanism for being in this world.

I really should stop pontificating, especially since my friends here on Livejournal also enjoy learning about other cultures, people, and the world in general, so I'm preaching to the choir. I'm just irked and bummed that I didn't get to take a cool class I was looking forward to. I hope that this cancellation is a symptom of a sense of isolation from other cultures within the population of America.
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One final down and one more to go. I'm nearly nearly done with this term, hooray! I think the meteorology final went well I felt a little unprepared for the short essay section, but I felt strong on the lab section. I did study hard over the weekend so hopefully it will pay off. Happily I got 100% on my paper and presentation, so that was a weekend well spent, feels good. Wednesday is my final final lol. It is for Health. I'm hoping it will go well and I'm planning to study during the day tomorrow.

Aside from school I am thinking a lot about writing. I really want to work on all my stories NAL. and the "T" story, I really need to write my children's story so Sheri can illustrate it for her portfolio, that and I've been meaning to write it for sooo long now! Here's hoping everything will come together.

Hayley ^_^
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Priorities on Homework for special five hour break.

1) Finish Health Assignments, also do the extra credit reflection to help with lateness.

2) Email next term professors about syllabi.

3) Work on science paper with internet sources. Work on paper most of the day with books.

4) Work on poem for class as alt. for missing field trip today. (Bummer)

I've been productive so far today, lets see if I can stick with it!

Hayley ^_^
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It was a bummer- I forgot my PE clothes last week, and this morning I realized they were still at Tyson and Molly's apartment and not with me on campus. *Duh Hayley!* I popped out to Molly and Tyson's to grab them, the bus ride flowed smoothly I was able to get on the bus right away and both the maxes there and back were there right away too. I didn't futz about either I grabbed my clothes threw them on but my street clothes in the bag cleaned off the dirt from using them outside and then jetted. I'm mad at myself that I still missed class. I can never seem to keep up with things, to make it in time although I try really hard to. I really hope I don't have to do an assignment to make up for the absence. I'm already behind in Health and Meteorology, although I'm hoping to be caught up with meteorology today.

So much of the time I just feel like the gal in this music video...

Hayley ^_^
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I had a lovely walk this morning. I stopped by the Albertson's grocery around the corner from school earlier. It was a really nice feeling being able to attend to some shopping needs obtaining the transport to get there and then walking to school, with more than enough time before class. It seems like a little thing, but it really makes me happy. I picked up some rye crackers so I can have lots of fiber for lunch. I've finally been taking my metformin medicine, so I need it more than ever. I also finished my secret shopping for Tyson's Valentine's present yay! I feel good, I got some exercise and some things done. On the other hand it was a little hairy getting to school coming towards campus you have to cross a busy road by a blindside and there is no cross walk, they should really put one in! It make me sad that coming directly into the campus once one passes the apartment complex there are no more crosswalks or sidewalks. It makes it difficult and is very pedestrian unfriendly, not to mention dangerous. I really wish that in general America was more pedestrian friendly. The difficulty getting around as a pedestrian, coupled with the status that comes with a car I think really puts people off walking. Which in turn seems to hurt the population's health. It's easier often times to just get in the car, train, or bus. Don't get me wrong, I know that everything being so spread out doesn't really give you much choice most of the time. I just think it would be better if it were more easy to walk from place to place I think it would help a lot of us feel better. That's enough blah blah from me, take care everyone, I'm off to pump some iron lol.
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Oh man this term, I feel really stressed out about it! I feel lost on the meteorology labs, but not the concepts we cover in class, I'm reading but it takes me so long, and I couldn't finish last week's health assignment because I couldn't access the internet portion. I emailed my professor about on Thursday the 21st. I checked the email all the week plus weekend and on Monday around one pm, but there wasn't any reply. Yesterday I worked on reading to try and better understand Monday's lab, I'm so slow though- oh my gosh! I come in this morning and find out that the professor in health had emailed me Monday at 2pm. I had totally forgotten to check my email yesterday. If only I had I could have done the internet and paper portion yesterday and actually accomplished something! As it is I have to see how quickly I can finish it during break. That's if I can access the URL, which will give me the information I need for the paper portion. Grrr! I feel so bad about meteorology and health! I wish I had made it in time to take Astronomy, stupid Hayley stupid Hayley! I slept quite a bit yesterday, but I'm so tired right now. I feel like I've been sleepy a lot, but I just want to sleep more and more and more. I've noticed over the years that sleeping is sort of my body and mind's defense mechanism against stress, so yeah. I nearly finished with my Associates, but oh x amount of years more of this at PSU makes me want to curl into a quivering ball. I'm hoping I can finish with my Bachelors at PSU in two years, but PCC was supposed to be a two year type thing. I just want to go home right now! But I won't be able to until nine tonight. [Insert stream of explicitness]
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To the characters of N.A.L. please stick with me! I now it's been over ten years, but we can still do this! We can finish this story. You guys really mean a lot to me, even though some of you are major jerks. Please don't leave. Also I'm going to make a detailed plot summary so hopefully the wheels will keep turning.

To Lilly, Robert, and Zaven, you guys really can't be in a romantic relationship all together. In the period you guys live in group relationships weren't okay, please keep this in mind. I do believe this is due to a lack of ladies in the story, but I can't really fix that. Sorry...;(

To the male lead character of the "T" story. Please, please, please give me your name! I know so much about you, but it's hard to write you in third person when I can't refer to you by name.

To the totally bad ass awesome Izumi Curtis. I know you belong to Hiromu Arakawa *so so cool*, but if I could please work with you for role play on the Sky Tides RPG that would be great. I would love to do text based RP with my friends. I wouldn't do it if Sky Tides would allow original characters, but they don't. You can help me out right Sensai?

And last but not least. To Nadeem, hi there you're a cool character I think I'm getting to know you better. You can drive a mean sand skift ;). I would be cool if I could draw you're picture, please? I wish it was a little easier to RP you in during the D&D game. See you on Thursday, yay!

Hopefully we can all work together guys and get some stuff done!

From: Your concerned Author,

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It's that time again, time for a new term specifically Winter term. I'm feeling pretty good about this term. I'm getting the last of my requirements out of the way for my Associates Degree. I definitely feel like I'm making some progress and feel a lot better than I did last Spring term. As my grandpa put it there is light at the end of the academic tunnel, for this half of the Bachelors anyway. Although getting the AS. does make me feel that I'm that much closer to the finishing.

I had a nice Chirstmas Break, Molly Tyson, and I got lots of time to hang out all together, which was really nice. We saw Stern around the 17th, which was great. Drawing time was had by all! Winter break is a nice size break I feel recharged and ready for this term, unlike the little break that is Spring Break. Christmas itself was nice, quiet but nice. We went to the candle light service at church, which I really enjoy and as per tradition watched National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. Christmas dinner was really nice, and happily unlike with Thanksgiving Ben's Gallbladder didn't decide to attack him.

I also got some writing done! Unfortunately I didn't finish NAL's chapter one rewrite, but I did get some a good part of it worked on. Even the Tolvin story got some attention. Will wonders never cease lol ;). I think I am slowly starting to push out of my writing anxiety. My friends and family have been pointing out writing advice, which insists one must write and not be afraid to suck. I think it is worming it's way into my thick skull. Ben said something that really struck me. He said it better to just write the draft and get it out, and then edit it, than to painstakingly edited it every one to two sentences at a time. He's a very preceptive young man. I really think this is what I'm doing.

Well better go I have weight lifting class in fifteen minutes and I have to fill out the the wait list form. I'm nervous about having a college PE. class since I've never had one I have no idea what I'm doing. Oh well I'll play it by ear. Take care everyone love you...
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Today I went on sites for writers. The writers store, which is really nice place to find books and software to help in writing novels, non-fiction, plays, and screenplays. I asked for some software from them for Christmas ^_^. . I also went to Lulu again, which is a self publishing site. It's fun to browse all the books, although I don't think I can afford many member's work. Unfortunately my writing anxiety is pretty bad so I worried I won't be need their services for a while *sad sigh* The last site I found was a social networking site for writers. You can't post work like you can on deviantart, but you connect with other writers. Um I got an account with it's been fun to play with. I would recommend it to others who like to write. Best wishes to everyone for Christmas, Hanukkah, Soltice, and New Years!

Love, Hayley ^_^
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It seems my paid account has expired, that's a bummer, I didn't even figure out how make a poll. Usually I'm posting more this time of year, but since I have evening classes this term my scheduel is all higglty pigglty and I haven't posted much.

I came in early today to study for my exam and to print out some of the resources for my Anthropology paper. I was thinking there was some more deductive logic problems for me to do to practice for the test, but there aren't. I've printed out all the articles I need for my paper, and now all there is left to do is ask about the school inter-library loans. I've never used them before. I printed out so many pages worth of articles, we're allowed to, it's taken out of a little account we have for each term. I went from $9 something to $4 something 0_0. Each page costs about 5 cents. I don't think I've ever printed so much! I'm really glad the library prints their documents front to back.

I went with Tyson into town on his way to work, I wanted to be up and moving early to be here at a good time to study. As there are no problems all I can think to do is skim over the chapters involved in the test and see if I can memorize the argument examples the professor gave us. I hope I can do this without falling asleep constantly. I read an article for anthropology before I did the mega print off, and I read most of it twice because I kept nodding off. It's so embarrassing. I got enough sleep on Sunday and last night, but I'm still really sleepy. I wish I had more energy. What would help is if I could get an hour or so of exercise at least every other day, but when I think of this I get stress out, because my life is so hectic these days with college scheduels changing all the time, and my traveling back and forth between houses, I have no idea when I could go get the exercise. Right now it should be easy having evening classes, and not working, but since I don't have my license yet everything revolves around bus times and rides to the bus. Oh well...*sigh*

I'm really happy though I have lots of ideas and drive to write on NAL. it's just actually being brave and writing that I need to do. Tyson says I should use NANOWRIMO to my advantage and write everyday treating NAL as a NANOWRIMO project. I think that's a good idea, but I've never participated in NANOWRIMO because I've been afraid of it getting in the way of school. I think what I'll have to do is make sure I've got all my homework out of the way and then write. Maybe even participating in NANOWRIMO could help me get more organized?
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  It's always strange to me how little I tend to post to live journal in the summer. I guess this is because, like many tasks I intend to get finished during the summer holidays, I seem to become distracted from it. There are lots of things going on in the summer, but then I don't have to day to day structure I do while at school, so I end up just kind of drifting along.

We had a lovely holiday to Las Vegas. It's an amazing city, it's so shiny and over the top and higglty pigglty that it's cheesy, but it's so cheesy it's cool! I would definitely like to post about it properly, but I think I'll wait until I can explain with pictures and words. I just need to get my film in to be developed and the film from Comic Con too!

The last couple days have been quiet Mum, Dad and Georgie when to Nehalum Bay with a friend of Mum's and Georgie's friend. It sounded like they had a really good time. I know it is one of the nicest beaches around and a nice campsite. I stayed behind so I could keep an eye on the house and feed the animals. It was peaceful and Ben stayed to so it wasn't lonely. I also got to sleep in the house rather then in my room in the shop in Mum and Dad's nice bed.

I'm thinking about setting up a little second life account to play with Molly and Gen with a Robert avatar. I would be very careful to arrange a time once a week maybe to play with friends and not spend too much time on there since school will be starting soon. I'm still not sure though so I thought I'd ask you guys... Should I join Second Life if I'm careful about time?

Also I have created a journal for my Full Metal Alchemist. She is under my friends under the name rust-alchemist. If anyone has a character they would like to interact with  Regina feel free to add her. she likes having friends ^_^. Just as a heads up there will be fanfic on her journal, and there maybe spoilers.


Jun. 3rd, 2009 02:55 am
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 I wrote this earlier as a reply to Greenifyme on deviantart She is starting at art college in fall term, and in her journal she talked about overcoming depression, and really wanted to be a storyteller. I think that's awesome! I get a kick out of reading other unpublished writers who are in the same boat as me. She sounds like she really wanted to tell a story, but she hasn't decided if she wanted to minor in creative writing. At the end of the journal she asked us to write about ourselves. I ended up just writing about writing and how cool it is. I guess my mind was just hooked trying to get her to come to the Writer's Side! Molly, Gen and Nika know how great it is here on the writer's side mmwahahah!! Here is what I wrote to her...

Hi'a Greenie, I'm glad you are feeling better these days. I have discovered that the early twenties is a hard period in life, there is so much uncertainty. It's great to hear you have good friends to help you. Art school sounds like a wonderful choice. I know you'll do well.(:

I completely understand your protectiveness over your story and character ideas. I've been writing a novel for the past ten years (I-uh work very slowly...^^;)and although I really don't think anyone would swipe anything I still worry, so very little of the story is here on DA.If you get to a place where you feel comfortable sharing your work I would love to see a story is whatever format you choose. Storytelling is such a lovely hobby its relieves stress, gives you something to day dream about(sometimes for a long time)and it's quite cheap compared to other popular hobbies. I think one thing that puts people off when it comes to writing is that it can be lonely. Often times you want to keep your ideas to yourself, but at the same time you want to share them, but you're afraid you will bore your friends, or who ever might listen :XD:. It's also harder (maybe just for me ^^;) to get feedback. Art is visual and it's easier to show someone a picture and get their opinion of it. Getting feedback on writing is a bit more work on the part of the person who gives the feedback, so it can be harder to find an audience. I often feel like I'm twisting a friend's arm if I ask them to read some of my writing. I'm guilty of this too I see stories up here on DA I'd love to read, but I put it off because I'm tired, or I've read all day at school. If you do get feedback though and you've written a story that really touches a person or people, that I've heard that's a great feeling. I really don't think I've achieved that yet, but it's my biggest hope for my novel. A lot of storytelling seems to involve being brave enough to do it. I think it something really have to want to do, because it can take some time. To me it's been the most rewarding creative activity I've done.:D I hope you have fun with it too my friend.

My first fandom was probably the Last Unicorn, but when I was a bit older it was Star Trek. I used to see the original series with my Mum and Dad, but since it was currently playing while I was growing up I really took Next Generation to heart. Avatar was really the first series I began to have ships. Since then I've been watching more animated shows, especially anime, and have fallen in love with Full Metal Alchemist. I can't say I actually have a ship in that one though, except Roy/Riza :D. Bleach is good fun too! Rukia is great I really like her. That's thanks to you Erica, I don't think I would have looked into it if I hadn't been intrigued by your lovely fanart ^_^. I started here on DA in 2004 when my friends Molly and Kat showed me the site and their own galleries. I was so excited! It was like my space, but ten times better because it gave me a reason to want to join and is way more enjoyable! I really do love it here :love:!

Take care Greenie! I hope you have the best of luck this fall term and I best wishes for future of current stories.

Now that I've looked over the comments lots of people who responded talking about their novels, so maybe what I wrote isn't that deep ^ ^;. I was going more for thoughts on writing. It would be cool if she responded, but she has lots of watchers though, we'll see. I look forward to hopefully meeting her at SDCC! She's the Zutarian Queen and all lol! Night night everyone going to bed now...

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