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 Yesterday was my friend's wedding, but not only my friend, one of my dearest friends I've ever had. It was Jason't wedding. It was a really nice day. The wedding itself was a small and simple affair, but it was a very happy one. The ceremony was held at the local park Mc Cormick Park. I was a overcast day, but it was warm, and the rain kindly held off until the reception was winding down. I was really honored and happy to stand by Jason's side as he watched Kim come down the aisle and as he said his vows. My heart was still pounding really hard with nerves, I was able to do all the important duties I needed to do. I didn't fumble as I opened the box for Jason so he could be get Kim's ring. Also I felt really nervous when it came time to give my Best Man speech, I felt like I was a little stop and start-y, but mum said it was really good and I was able to make people laugh a few times. That felt good, because the Best Man's speech is supposed to be a little funny. I enjoyed writing it although it was stressful as I didn't leave much time. I wrote it on Friday and the wedding on Saturday. As a funny cute little side note I got wear a Col-sarge rather than carry a bouquet, yay XD. Now Jason and Kim are on their honeymoon at Crater Lake, I love Crater Lake so much. I hope they have a lovely time while they are there and a safe journey there and back. Unfortunately I can't get the speech to paste to the entry or the link to it ;( , but I will post the link to my plurk.

Love to Everyone!

Hayley ^_^

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