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             Perhaps as a way to put my anxiety about my paper into perspective, I took the bike out on the road today XD. I went to get some take out sushi from the restaurant just down the street. It only takes about a minute by car, and I thought it would be a good way to judge and see whether or not I will be up to using the bike as part of my commute to field school this summer. Nothing bad happened and I was vigilant as I am while driving, but--it was still pretty scary. The ride was short and since I've been working out I'm in better shape, yet I still was pretty sweaty when I reached the restaurant, I think it was mostly nerves. Growing up in the country side we (my siblings and I) never rode our bikes on the road proper, because people drove really fast, there were lots of blind spots in the winding country roads, and there was no such thing as a bike lane. Dad even warned us not to take our bike out at sunset because he was worried drivers wouldn't see us.
                 Now I live in town though, I've been trying to work up the courage to ride on the road. The specific area right my our Apartment doesn't have demarcated bike lanes, but the road is nice and wide, and I've seen lots of riders on it. It was odd, I was watching out and being careful, but to a certain extent the bike rider must trust the drivers not to hit them. I cringed when the cars passed me, but I didn't swerve or slow down because driving has taught me that if you remain consistent other drivers will be better able to predict what you might do. I spent the ride back with my sushi order hanging from one of the handle bars, laughing nervous and feeling like I was doing something a bit crazy, and that maybe getting my drivers licence and driving alone wouldn't be so scary after all. On the other hand it was nice exerciser and I'm glad I tried it. I still don't know whether or not I will make the bike part of the field school commute, but we'll see.

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