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Huzzar, I have time to post in my Life journal! Dear me I hate to take this long in between posts. So many things have been happening lately, that I've been having trouble keeping up with them, to post about them!

Lets see where to start? I think I'll start and the beginning for simplicity...

I'm a college student again! Yay! I'm now attending Portland Community College at the Rock Creek Campus! I'm really really enjoying it. Everyone I've talked to is very nice, and the campus is gorgeous! The school also has a relaxed feel to it that I really like. I don't feel stressed like I did at Portland State University.I'm only taking one class right now *blush* writing 121. I'm really having a good time taking it and the instructor is very nice. I enjoy the readings we do and the essay topics we have. I feel much more at ease getting to learn how papers are desired to be in a college setting, before having to jot them out for classes. The placement tests were nice as well. I felt good to know I was in the right class at the right level. Looking back on it, I'm very glad I took a year off after my disasterous performance at PSU. I think I really needed a rest. Now that I've come back to school after a rest and a lovely experience like Kentwell. I feel much better, more confident. Another lovely about going to PCC now is I have transport! The reason why I didn't go to PCC in the first place, was due to my lack of transport to get there. However, this year the local Cloumbia Rider shuttle bus started a route out to PCC from Safeway in St. Helens. As a result I'm able to take a little bus to school on Fridays for only 3 dollars either way, it's lovely! The only snag is I have to have a ride to Safeway in town to hop the bus. However, this needing a ride might not last for long as...

I HAVE A CAR NOW! *squee!* As of a thursday three weeks ago, I became the PROUD, PROUD, PROUD owner of a red 1960 Ford Falcon Ranchero! And for 46 years old I think he's as goregous as ever! I call him a he, because as a pick-up truck I figured he was far to masculine to be a she lol! Here is a picute of what he looks like, . This picture is not actully of my baby, but it's very close to what he looks like. I found it hard to find a good picture of a 1960 Ranchero. Apprently they are pretty rare these days! I was really lucky, that we were able to get him at all! My mum and dad saw him sitting at the side of the road along with the usual cars for sale that are there. One day dad asked me if I liked Falcon-chero (my cars name lol!) Boy did I I told him! My birthday is coming up on November 18th, but never in my wildest dreams did I think mum and dad would get me a car! I have my permit, but not my lience yet, I hope I can get it soon, but I have four months of driving practice to make up for! The man we bought Flacon-chero from was very nice. He had rencently moved to St. Helens to live with his girl friend, they both really like cars and had to many. This worked out fortunatly for me! The car was priced at $3,000, but dad asked if $2,500 would be alright, and the man was kind enough to agree. I thought this was really wonderful of him, as he had planned if he didn't sell it that day he was going to take it to a swat meet the next day. Really he could have sold it for more money at the swat meet. Maybe it was just meant to be that the ford falcon ranchero would be mine! Falcon-chero is in really good shape for all his years. He could use a new coat of paint, a tune-up, and a has a couple smalls spots of rust. He's a real treasure. All his gear is orginal down to the hubcaps, save for a new headliner, a new steering wheel, and a start button. I hope to have him tuned up soon and get used to driving him. He's got no power steering, so that'll be different to me. What's really great is he's an atuomatic! This I've heard is really rare for this sort of car. Again I'm really lucky! I also hope to get him a nice new coat of red paint. It would be really cool if I could enter him in the classic car show, that the Deer Island store has every year. He'd look so lovely! I just feel very spoiled and over-the-moon! I hope to pay back mum and dad part of the money when I get a job, which hopefully won't be long. I want to have Falcon-chero forever as long as he can run with me, I just love this little guy!

Well I best be going before it gets too late. Mum's off tonight, I should go sit with her and maybe watch a movie? I'll have to see what see wants to do. I'll keep up my posting, hopefully more consistantly lol! Lots of Love to everyone.

Hayley ^_^

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