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Wow, I've been doing a lot of homework! I just realized aside from eating, sleep and travel, I've haven't done anything but homework until I hopped on Live Journal. I needed a break ^^; it can only be a short break though, as there is lots of Geology to do *sigh*. I was think in on the bus this morning about my favorite stories and that I should make a list of them for posterity, so I'm going to do that--right now ^_^...

Stories are not in any specific order, I'm listing them as they come to me. I won't list my own stories, because-- I just feel bad about plugging for myself like that, and enjoying my own stories is kind of given lol.

Raptor Red by Robert T Baker- As if being a Paleontologist  wasn't cool enough Mr. Baker wrote a wonderful novel from the point of view of a Utah Raptor, bigger and ( and in my humble opinion cooler than the velociraptor). These are  what the raptors of Jurassic Park are actually based off of. Baker has a lovely way of making Red sympathetic and fascinating as a character, without making her a human in a Raptor's body. His use of her sences and the way he has her see the world is vivid and beautiful. It's a fascinating novel, as it's a story with a animal protagonist, however it's intended audience is not children. It's a one of kind novel, and I don't know if anyone other than Paleotologist could have written it. I have see it in a used book store recently, I'm not sure if it's still in print, which is a real shame if it isn't, but if you can find a copy it is well worth a read, you  won't be disapionted.

*Sigh* I wish I could add more stories to the list right now, but as it's 12 and my class is at 3:00 I really shoulg get in some more homework. The list will indeed continue next time I post. I have many more favorite stories. 

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