Aug. 4th, 2010 03:53 pm
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I'm a bit worried about being able to get the classes I need this term at PSU. I have to have my MMR shot before I can register for classes. I sorted it out to get a shot at Multn. County Public health. Luckily I have a discounted rate since I'm a student and it's part of the law for universities, so it'll cost me 15$ rather than 68$, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get an appointment until next Thursday (the 12th). Once I have the paper work in I'll be go to register, but this is much later than I wanted. I hope I'll still be able to get the classes I need * worried face*. Fortunately I have a schedule set-up thanks to go to advising, but still I'm concerned. Urh nice to have a Live Journal to rant to anyway...

Here's hoping my first term will schedule out alright 0_o.

PS: Not worried about the shot itself, needles and being poked by them doesn't frighten me happily!
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These are not in order of priority, just as I think of them if they have a (*) they are important. Number of (*) equals level of importance. No stars means it would be nice, but doesn't have to happen.

Clean my bedroom- which will make me feel better. I'll hopefully be able to get rid of a lot of stuff, and hopefully hopefully I'll be able to find my favorite NAL reference book, and my key ring! (* * * * *)

Go to England with my June 20th to early July - See family ^_^ +history, maybe try to arrange archaeology work with Andy, maybe... (* *) (It's a done deal for going now)

Read up for Chronical Fuedalis- and start the game after I return. Hopefully I'll be able to come up with a full campaign, and not make each session episodic. (* * * *)

Work on NAL- See how much I can get done, try for a full draft! Only if NAL is going smoothly than other stories too. (* * * * * )

Go to PSU - and see an advisor, plan out school for 2010-2011. (* * * * )

Look for and work on Scholarships- Any extra $ help would be good! (* * *)

Submit FASA online ASAP ( * * * * *)

Go to SCA Event with Tyson for Anniversary- Not sure which one yet, but a couple look really promising. (* * * * )

Try to go to an event a month this Summer (* *  *)

Work with Gulliver

Arrange 12 am to 9am Sleep Schedule (* * *)

Paint a 9 piece painting of NAL and or other story stuffs

Make new Garb under Katrina's Guidance (* * * * *)-  I really need new garb, but I really like to make it myself. I hope that's okay with Katrina.

Help Mum & Dad by cleaning house- I think this might be easiest by assigning myself a different task per week. ( * * * * *)

(EDIT)  Forgot two! See above!

This is all I can think of for now, but I will do a continuation if I think of more. I think why my previous Summers haven't been productive is I 'm not very good a structuring myself/organizing.

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