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 Last entry I talked about the Rec Center, a lot-- I'm impressed by it, on the other hand I should talk about uni and actual classes. This term I'm taking Language and Society, linguistics 223. It's a core requirement for an Anthropology degree, sort of the closest thing PSU has for a Linguistic Anthropology class.  It's a pretty nice easy going class so far, three small writing assignments of language aspects and a presentation about a myth on language. My group's myth is "Do women talk to much?" The short answer according to the reading I've done so far is no. In fact men do most of the talking especially in public. This has to do with gender and society  roles, I won't go on about  in length, that's what the presentation and more research is for, but there it is. I got some books from the library yesterday, here's hoping I can dig into them soon. The presentation isn't due until the eighth of May or sixth (will check) but I like to have the jump on things. It's a pretty interesting class, however I feel a little lost when Mr. Childs talks about the jargon, because I've never had a linguistics course. I also wish we weren't focused on English so much. I was hoping we would talk about aspects of language, and then Childs would give us examples in languages where it occurs. Yet most of our examination has been on dialects of English, which is good to learn about, but I confess... a little boring. Well I have to go history 300 is in a couple of minutes. Wow! I guess I'm going to need a part three to talk about my history 300 class! That's okay though, my little live journal needs more attention anyway. *Gives it a big cuddle*

Hayley ^_^
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 Today is the second day of week four of Spring term. I had a bit of a rough start with the first week or so, with really bad tiredness and lots of anxiety, but I'm feeling better now. I'm still quite sleepy, even though I've been getting a good amount of sleep (7 to 8) hours of sleep, but I'm going to see my doctor on the 28th so we'll see what happens.

I'm really happy because as of week two I started a new workout routine. I work out Monday and Friday at the recreation center here at PSU. It's a lovely building with so much to do, and since access to it is paid for as part of tuition students don't have to pay each time we go in. It's a very massive gym with four floors. They have cardio machines (like ellipticals and tredmills) a beautiful full sized inside pool on the second floor XD, a inside running track (just like a track and field track) and even a rock climbing wall! The set up of the building reminds me of a science fiction setting. I've seen swimming pools indoors plenty of times, but never on the second floor of the building with large windows to see most of the pool from the outside of the building. Also the track is on the fourth floor, but it over looks the courts on the third floor, like it is suspended above it. I don't think it actually is because it feels really sturdy with no slight bounce, but it is definitely like a mezzanine. The whole building just has the futuristic feeling to me. I'm a big dork *blush*, but I often imagine I'm an astronaut on a long space mission, the Rec Center only being part of a massive space cruiser, and my graduation is when we arrive on the alien planet. And--the defriending of this Hayley wierdo begins---now! I'm hoping to step up the workouts to Monday, Wednesday, Friday, because my Linguistics course doesn't start until 1:50 on these days, and experts say that working out three times a week every other day is optimal. Hopefully I can keep this going because it feels really good. Well I had better go. There is still more to write about, so I think I will do a Spring Term part 2 entry. Bye friends love to you all.

Hayley ^_^
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I've done so much printing this term! I'm pretty sure it's the most amount of printing I have done in any term at college. Also this is only week three! I have two history classes and one anthropology class. I knew this would make for a lot of reading, but there are so many extra reading sources that need to be printed out. I have a hard time reading something more that a few pages on a computer screen. All of the readings are definitely longer than three pages, also my proffs. like the students to have them in class. This may sound pretty crazy, but students are given 500 pages of printing through tuition prices, and I'm feeling rather certain I'm going to use mine all up between my three classes! After that it gets really expensive, maybe 25 cents by page. I'm hating to think what it will be like if, or when I run out of that 500 pages.

I really wish the proffersors had had all the PDFs and bound in a collection which was sold with the other course texts at the library. Their rationale for not doing so was the really cheap printing costs here at PSU. However, I wish they had assumed that their students were going to be taking twelve or more credits. Also since most of my classes are upper devision I would think the proffs. would think that at the upper devision level there will be lots of reading for twelve credits or more. Printing out and binding a book for projected memebers of the course would be a good idea to pay for itself in the likely event that the student goes over their 500 page limit. Also temp workers, requiring no pre-reqs knowledge to earn some money over the summer. Heck I would have went for a job like that. I mean no offesive to my proffs., or to the acedemic community as a whole, but I really wish there was more planning on the acedemic communities part. There is totally such a thing on the as dumb smart people ;)  :P
Hayley ^_^

World Map

Jan. 16th, 2011 12:49 pm
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 I've been thinking about putting up a big world map, and putting pins into places I would like to go and practice archaeology in. Just as a I'm half way through my fifth year of college pick-me-up. I hope it's not putting the cart before the horse, but digging is my big goal, or artifact conservation. Also if I have it up for both years at PSU, or maybe more *shudder*, then I can see how it might change and grow. I hope Molly and Tyson won't mind since it is their den, as well as my room. I'll make sure that where I put it will work okay. It's back to school on Tuesday. I still want to be cautious, but I think I'm starting to feel better about this term. ^^;  ^_^ 
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Okay here we go again round two of round two at PSU. After the whole struggle and success with fall term I'm not sure how to feel going into this term. On one hand I love the subject matter I will be studying, Anthropology of food, African history before 1800 ce, and world history 105. However I know that if things begin to spiral my joy with the subject can be ruined by my dred of terrible grades and failure. It's hard to know what sort of outlook to have. I failed my Anthro human variation course, but that appears to be due largely to running out of time, especially on the exams. Painfully I knew the answers, it's just with ten short answer questions, and five essays, with the extra half an hour the DRC was able to give me, an hour and a half still wasn't enough. I must admit it has totally shaken and or deflated my cofidence in taking exams at the university level.

Over the Christmas break I updated my paperwork for the DRC, which is why they couldn't give me double time for tests. However even with that I'm not certain I could finish in time, but it would be better than half an hour. Unfortunately, the phychritrist who tested me said it can take two weeks to process the testing, and the lady at the DRC said it could take two weeks on their end. That could be as much as a month total, which is enough time to fail an exam or more due to lack of accomadation. Hopefully it will be easier for the DRC to sort out the paper work. Either way I guess I shouldn't worry about it, it's out of my hands now. The only thing is... I could loose more time and effort and grades to a messed up situation that just makes me feel like shit, and makes me look really bad. If the DRC makes things difficult by not accomadating me (for the third time) I will seriously question my future, perhaps change it entirely, especially here at PSU. I really really hope it doesn't come that. I want to manage this, I want to work hard, but feel like I can do this, I want the confidence I had in my last couple years at PCC, I want to get my degrees before I get too old to do the other important  things I want to do with my life (marry have children). All laid out like this, it does seem like a lot to ask , but I will work hard I will put everything I have into this. I just need a little asistance.

Today is my first day of classes. I have World History 10:15-11:20 and Anthro of Food 3:00-4:00 they sound terrific. I'm just going to try and chill out enjoy it and feel excited about what I'm doing. I haven't even seen the sylaby yet, sometimes I worry about things that turn out to be better than I thought. Hopefully this will be the case. I must be Cautiously optimistic! Love to everyone!

Hayley ^_^
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 I'm back at PSU as a student, after five years! I guess I'm still young enough for five years to feel like quite some time, because it really does. That said, it was a very busy and filled with learning, five years. In that time I had my first job, traveled to England to participate in a historical re-enactment, and earned my associates in science. Now I'm back, and I feel like I've come full circle and I feel really good about it, a lot stronger and more confident. I needed PCC, and now I need PSU and my Bachelors in Anthro and History are in my reach, something I've always wanted! During this Summer I felt nervousness about coming back after the sadness in 2005, but now I just feel stoked up like a fire and ready to eat this up *rawr!*

This is my second week of term, and as of now everything is going smoothly, oh thank goodness. I'm so happy to be able to take courses in subjects I love, and that I hope will be a part of my future. It's such a relief and nice to have the pre-requirements and gen. ed. out of the way. It feels much less like jumping through hoops and more like an enrichment. My classes this term are East Asian history to 1800, and Anthropology human variation. Not only is it way cool to be taking upper devision level class, but they are fun ^_^! It's still a bit stressful because I want to do really well on my major subjects, but so far it's been a nice keep-you-on-your-toes sort of stress. I'm just finding my groove for the term, but I'm really  feeling happy and strong. I hope this feeling lasts! I'm so lucky and happy to have family and friends who have supported me this far. It's so exciting to be starting something new, and to be on the way to finishing with something I've been working towards, since I was a little girl.

Hayley x  ^_^


Aug. 4th, 2010 03:53 pm
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I'm a bit worried about being able to get the classes I need this term at PSU. I have to have my MMR shot before I can register for classes. I sorted it out to get a shot at Multn. County Public health. Luckily I have a discounted rate since I'm a student and it's part of the law for universities, so it'll cost me 15$ rather than 68$, but unfortunately I wasn't able to get an appointment until next Thursday (the 12th). Once I have the paper work in I'll be go to register, but this is much later than I wanted. I hope I'll still be able to get the classes I need * worried face*. Fortunately I have a schedule set-up thanks to go to advising, but still I'm concerned. Urh nice to have a Live Journal to rant to anyway...

Here's hoping my first term will schedule out alright 0_o.

PS: Not worried about the shot itself, needles and being poked by them doesn't frighten me happily!
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It's a strange feeling that this is my last day on campus! It's my last final today (Geography) and as I'm graduating on Friday (Oh my Gosh, Oh my gosh!) I don't think I'll need to return. The student learning center is closed today , so I guess I unwittingly said goodbye to it yesterday. I'm in the computer resource lab right now, and I will make sure to sit with the koi at the fountain, before I leave.

I usually try not to be so sentimental, but I guess it's in order as I've been here at Portland Community College Rock Creek Campus for four years now. It's been a really good run. My teachers have been excellent, and I learned about myself and interests, that in the case of anthropology, have become passions changing my course. I'm really glad I decided to slow down and come to PCC, rather than trying to painfully stick it out at PSU. I feel braver again, and don't feel like an awful wreck anymore. I didn't actually make any friends here, but It's not really what I came to do, and it wasn't because people were cold or unfriendly, like they seemed at PSU. Very much the opposite! There were a few things I meant to do that I didn't get around to. Like seeing if I could buy some wool from the farming part of school, or join in on any extra around school events. The events always seemed to be right when I was in class. However I do feel very fulfilled with what I've done here at PCC. I'm going to miss the pretty rural campus when I trade it in for the completely urban campus of PSU, but at the same time I think a change of scenery would be nice. I'll miss the windy little trip from St. Helens through Cornelius Pass to Rock Creek, but I look forward to taking the more straight forward commute to PSU. I guess I just wanted to say thank-you to PCC for making this whole college thing a lot more possible! ^_^

Now onwards to a new college-life section at PSU! I'm hoping this will only take me a couple of years, I shall see. I still have a lot of misgivings about PSU, but it's near and with financial aid I and family can afford it. My hope is that coming back to PSU as a junior will help me through this time. Part of me wishes that I could be done now, but I have this deep desire to see this through to a couple of bachelor's degrees. Maybe I'm barking mad, but I guess we'll find out for sure soon enough! Well, to prepare for the most immediate future, I best go study for my geography exam at 2:00 pm. Phew it is a tough one keeping motivated right before the end...

Goodbye to PCC RC, thanks again you lovely friendly school, thanks for helping me restore my cofidence to the levels that I can, and thanks for the great pre-requisite credits that I now don't have to take at PSU from TAs. I really really appreciate that! I will recommend you to all my friends and family when they are starting college! Hopefully you will meet my friend Amanda soon, she's got so much potential, and I know her future would be bright with you! I'll but in some more good words for you!

Lots of Love, your four-year-companion---Hayley! x  x  x ^___^
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 Whoo I'm sleepy today. Just one more class (geography), and I'm done for the day. I really have to work on going to bed earlier when I'm at mum and dad's house...

It's hard to believe that next week is the week preceding finals week! I don't really count finals week as a regular school week, as at that point it is a matter of taking the test, no more lectures, no more studying. As a result that means we only have one more week of school left. I'm not counting this week as it's almost half over. I'm a glass-half-full type girl. Well, I was going to yabber on some more, but geography is---right now. I will post a real type post soon!
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This morning was nice and different. Mum had to go into the immigration office in Portland this morning to get her passport stamped for residency, as her Green Card is being processed for a typo. She needs it fixed so we can visit England in June, yay! Aside from it being a hassle for her I think we had fun. I followed them into Portland, just because I could. We arrived at 9:00 this morning and Mum's appointment was until 10:00 so she, dad, I stopped by Powells. It was nice, and I had a little extra time when Mum and Dad went to the appointment. I thought it would be the best time to pick up Tyson a present for his birthday. I was getting worried about how I was going to be able to do it secretly. I found some nice things that I think he will like/ get some use out of. One of the things I bought I bought on a memory that he needed it. I hope it's still the case.

The other productive thing for today is I got my French HW work done. Nothing out of the ordinary there, it just feels good. I'm going to catch the bus home tonight so that will be give me almost two hours to work on HW for Geography, which is good. I guess this all nothing important, it was just nice to do something completely different this morning and accomplish some person stuff, for once!

Hayley ^_^
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Nika has a very interesting little meme on Journal. I thought I would do it too just in case anyone's interested in my association with you and color, and what not. ^_^ Here it is...

1. Something random about you.
2. Which color you remind me of.
3. My first memory of you.
4. What animal you remind me of.
5. Ask you something I've always wondered about you.
6. My favorite thing about you.
7. My least favorite thing about you. One thing I find surprising about you . I like the surprising better, I don't have anything negative to say about my buddies.
8. Challenge you to post this on your journal.

The school term seems to be progressing well. It's almost May, so than after this next month I'll have my Associates of Science! Hooray! One step closer to being a anthropologist/historian ^_^. At the same time though having another couple of years of school sounds like a lot. However, I'll probably be so busy trying to fit it all in for two degrees that I won't even notice lol!

Sheri came over to see me the other night, she's so nice that way. She mentioned causally that she and Arron (here long time boyfriend) are planning on getting married in the time frame of this fall to early next year 0_0! I think this is cool and a good thing for sure. They've been together six years and love each other ALOT, also Arron is a good man and he is good for Sheri they have complimentary personalities.

I wish I could feel the same way about my other best buddies wedding, but as long as Jason is happy I'm happy. Kim isn't the easiest person to get along with, but I think she will treat Jason well. I'm really looking forward to being Jason's Best Man, he's been a dear friend of mine for so long, and it's really quite an honor, because if his brother James were still alive I know he would be Best Man for Jason. I'm in no way trying to fill Jame's shoes, but I'm glad that even though Jason and I never had a romantic relationship, I can at least do this for him. I really hope the second volcano in Iceland doesn't erupt while we're in England. I would hate to miss his wedding in August! *worries*

It's funny to think that many of my closet friends are getting married either just around the corner, or in the near future. It's cool though and happy. I know that weddings can be a not so pleasant topic for many people. I'm also not in a hurry to do so myself, don't know if I'll ever be able to. However, all the weddings I've experienced so far have been happy and fun.

I'm so happy to be back in the swing of things writing wise with NAL. I don't know where the bravery to do so is coming from. I'm just going to have lots of fun with it and try to finish the chapter one rewrite as soon as I can. I will post it here on my LJ when I'm done with it *squee!* Off to do french homework...
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I went to check up on my school schedule for tomorrow, and check my school email, and got back bad news. The Speech 140 Intercultural Communications class I was sighed up for was canceled due to low enrollment. I'm so disappointed. It would have fit in so well with my Anthropology major and being a speech class it would have been a helpful course to have in general. In the back of my mind I was a little worried this might happen as there were lots of fliers posted around the school alerting students to the course. Usually this is done to help up the enrollment numbers, when the faculty is worried the class won't make muster.

I know it isn't a class they would be popular, but I don't understand why there wouldn't be enough interest in the student body to keep the class alive. I've heard from a lot of students that they are business majors. What's with the not taking a class which would be so good for one's business, or would make you a very competent business man or woman? There are so many businesses in the United States which have over seas offices or factors, lots of out sources of jobs, it seems to no big business is isolated to a single country anymore. Also with the worlds fast movement, mass travel, intermarriage, blink speed communication in any number of languages, that a class about how to communicate with other cultures would be interesting to students, if not a defense mechanism for being in this world.

I really should stop pontificating, especially since my friends here on Livejournal also enjoy learning about other cultures, people, and the world in general, so I'm preaching to the choir. I'm just irked and bummed that I didn't get to take a cool class I was looking forward to. I hope that this cancellation is a symptom of a sense of isolation from other cultures within the population of America.
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Oh man this term, I feel really stressed out about it! I feel lost on the meteorology labs, but not the concepts we cover in class, I'm reading but it takes me so long, and I couldn't finish last week's health assignment because I couldn't access the internet portion. I emailed my professor about on Thursday the 21st. I checked the email all the week plus weekend and on Monday around one pm, but there wasn't any reply. Yesterday I worked on reading to try and better understand Monday's lab, I'm so slow though- oh my gosh! I come in this morning and find out that the professor in health had emailed me Monday at 2pm. I had totally forgotten to check my email yesterday. If only I had I could have done the internet and paper portion yesterday and actually accomplished something! As it is I have to see how quickly I can finish it during break. That's if I can access the URL, which will give me the information I need for the paper portion. Grrr! I feel so bad about meteorology and health! I wish I had made it in time to take Astronomy, stupid Hayley stupid Hayley! I slept quite a bit yesterday, but I'm so tired right now. I feel like I've been sleepy a lot, but I just want to sleep more and more and more. I've noticed over the years that sleeping is sort of my body and mind's defense mechanism against stress, so yeah. I nearly finished with my Associates, but oh x amount of years more of this at PSU makes me want to curl into a quivering ball. I'm hoping I can finish with my Bachelors at PSU in two years, but PCC was supposed to be a two year type thing. I just want to go home right now! But I won't be able to until nine tonight. [Insert stream of explicitness]
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Just taking a little break from studied for the exam for Geology. Sadly I have another week maybe two weeks left of school for Spring term, and  my brain has checked out and decided to play with story ideas and characters instead. This is also a way my brain reacts to stress in school , *sigh* come back brain and cognate for me Plleease! While your at it bring back my energy and give a damn too! *Shakes fist* I went down to the cafeteria to grab a keg of coffee, I'm not joking it was a BIG coffee, to raise my spirits and my eyelids. It 's helped, but my heart desperately wants to join my brain in story land.

As my brain is showing it's fatigue I have been thinking of NAL and the Tolvin story and even Original Fan Characters non-stop. I didn't think I would ever create character's belonging to a world which was created by another story teller, but here I am with a Girl Genius character in mind and Full Metal Alchemist Original character developing continiously since I've been waiting for book 18 to become avaliable. I'm going to be very carefull to avoid making the FMA character in particular a mary-sue. This seems to be a very easy trap to fall into. Many of the Fandom related OC's on Deviantart I've seen know a cannon character intimately, they love Edward or worship Mustang, or are related to a cannon character. This makes them very Mary-sue like. I'm going to avoid that altogether. Most FMA OCs are State Alchemists I've noticed. I couldn't aviod this though, beacuse I found it was the easiest way to create a story for her. She is also not based on me. Hopefully the combination of these things will help her not be a Mary-sue. Mary-Sue characters seems to be the main complaint fan fic readers and others have with OC fan character, so hopefully I can avoid that. Maybe it will be good practice for my own stories. Take care everyone. I'll post more about the GG and FMA OCs as they develop. My main goal for the Summer is to get LOTS of work done on NAL and secondly on the Tolvin story so those two first, then OCs lol.

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Well here I am for Spring term at PCC. At the moment I'm not sure what to do with myself. I came in for math lecture today at 10:00 and now I have a gap until Geology at 3:00. I know later on this term I'll have homework to do during this time, but right now I don't have home work. It feels odd to be at school and not have homework to do 0_o.

I had a nice Spring Break, it was pretty quite, but that can be nice. Stern came down from Olympia and Molly, Tyson, Katrina, and I all hung out together and showed Stern around. We went to the local Mineral Museum in Hillsboro, which was lots of fun! I'd never been their before. They variety and amount of their collect was really impressive and cool. Opal is so pretty, Katrina and I did lots of oggling of the opal in the collection especially! We also went to military surpluses in Aloha and Portland, and one neat place Hippo Hardware in Portland. We were on the search for steampunk accessories and bits to steampunk outfits. I also thought of a original character linked to the Girl Genius fandom, so I can play alone with all my buddies who have their favorite Girl Genius characters and original characters. I'm excited about that, I see a way to get involved in the steampunk fun up until this point I've wanted to, but have had no idea how. I'm hoping to make a sperate post about the possibilties of the character and maybe a tid-bit of writing.

Sadly I didn't make an of my writing goals this Spring Break. I think my brain was tired. I did some research for NAL, but I just couldn't get going. I've made a promise to myself  that I will at the very least touch NAL every weekend. I've got to get braver! I'm hoping to post an excerpt to Live Journal here and DA, as soon as I can.

Well I've still got some time left here until class, it's currently 11:40. I think I'll run off  and get a bit to eat. Maybe some nice green veggies in a salad and a cup of tea? I had a big coffee this morning, but not food yet, so I 've got to take care of that. It's nice when the coffee both near the bus stop has one dollar 16 oz coffees. I usually don't drink that much coffee, but it's such a good I can't pass it up! I find my self becoming more like my Father as I get older. That's fine by me though, I love my Dad. Since we rode the bus to Scappose this morning we chatted all the way there, mainly abotu school stuff and buying books, he's my buddy. Also mum and Georgie are coming back from England on Thursday night so I'll see them Friday. It's so nice Mum has the weekend off, I've missed her. I told Dad to let me know when he'd like to take mum out for an evening they very rarely spend this much time apart.

Take care everyone Hayley X

PS: I'm also going to add tags to my entries from now on. I'm not sure what that will do, but it feels more organized ^_^.

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