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It's well time that I update my lovely Live Journal. Mum, Georgie and I visited Granny, Grandpa, Ali, Rob, Antony, Kev, Connie, Quincy, and met Kev's lady friend Laura. It was really nice to see everyone, I've missed them very much since it had been two years. Ali has a really sweet little house now it has a bedroom, a spare room, a little kitchen and living room, and room that (since the house dates back to the 1820's was probably the parlor). If I was living in England and could afford to rent a house I would love to rent one just like it. Also she has a big wide bathtub in the shape of a scallop shell, and a--ready? A koi pond *happy sigh* ! It was so nice to watch the koi's flitting about. 

I had a lovely time catching up with Gemma, Laura, and Rachel. We had a great BBQ played a dancing game on the Wii and got a bit tipsy. On the last weekend we were visiting I went to London with them to see Laura's brother Robert's portfolio showing. Just like I did for Sheri before I left. It was pretty good, and I was able to pick up some free catalogues for Sheri, which she really really liked I was really happy.

We didn't go to many historical places, but we did go briefly to London's Natural History Museum, the Maritime Museum, and Norwich Castle. Norwich Castle is similar to Colchester Castle in the way it has a great museum inside. It has a Celtic/Roman section, a Saxon/Viking section, and a Medieval Section, it's a really nice set-up. I really really recommend it!

We did do lots of shopping. Mum and Georgie like to shop, Georgie's little and tall enough she's like a dolly. I kind of take up the "man" position when Mum and Georgie go shopping. I pick up other sizes I wait in the changing room and give opinions. It's okay but I am such a different size to both of them that it's hard to shop along. Oh well that's alright.

When we visited Greenwich we had a good time. The Greenwich Festival was going on at the time and we got to see crazy hair ladies making detailed hair sculptures with volunteers, I have a picture, but still have to get all the pictures off my camera. When I do I'll be sure post a link to them here.
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These are not in order of priority, just as I think of them if they have a (*) they are important. Number of (*) equals level of importance. No stars means it would be nice, but doesn't have to happen.

Clean my bedroom- which will make me feel better. I'll hopefully be able to get rid of a lot of stuff, and hopefully hopefully I'll be able to find my favorite NAL reference book, and my key ring! (* * * * *)

Go to England with my June 20th to early July - See family ^_^ +history, maybe try to arrange archaeology work with Andy, maybe... (* *) (It's a done deal for going now)

Read up for Chronical Fuedalis- and start the game after I return. Hopefully I'll be able to come up with a full campaign, and not make each session episodic. (* * * *)

Work on NAL- See how much I can get done, try for a full draft! Only if NAL is going smoothly than other stories too. (* * * * * )

Go to PSU - and see an advisor, plan out school for 2010-2011. (* * * * )

Look for and work on Scholarships- Any extra $ help would be good! (* * *)

Submit FASA online ASAP ( * * * * *)

Go to SCA Event with Tyson for Anniversary- Not sure which one yet, but a couple look really promising. (* * * * )

Try to go to an event a month this Summer (* *  *)

Work with Gulliver

Arrange 12 am to 9am Sleep Schedule (* * *)

Paint a 9 piece painting of NAL and or other story stuffs

Make new Garb under Katrina's Guidance (* * * * *)-  I really need new garb, but I really like to make it myself. I hope that's okay with Katrina.

Help Mum & Dad by cleaning house- I think this might be easiest by assigning myself a different task per week. ( * * * * *)

(EDIT)  Forgot two! See above!

This is all I can think of for now, but I will do a continuation if I think of more. I think why my previous Summers haven't been productive is I 'm not very good a structuring myself/organizing.

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