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Just taking a little break from studied for the exam for Geology. Sadly I have another week maybe two weeks left of school for Spring term, and  my brain has checked out and decided to play with story ideas and characters instead. This is also a way my brain reacts to stress in school , *sigh* come back brain and cognate for me Plleease! While your at it bring back my energy and give a damn too! *Shakes fist* I went down to the cafeteria to grab a keg of coffee, I'm not joking it was a BIG coffee, to raise my spirits and my eyelids. It 's helped, but my heart desperately wants to join my brain in story land.

As my brain is showing it's fatigue I have been thinking of NAL and the Tolvin story and even Original Fan Characters non-stop. I didn't think I would ever create character's belonging to a world which was created by another story teller, but here I am with a Girl Genius character in mind and Full Metal Alchemist Original character developing continiously since I've been waiting for book 18 to become avaliable. I'm going to be very carefull to avoid making the FMA character in particular a mary-sue. This seems to be a very easy trap to fall into. Many of the Fandom related OC's on Deviantart I've seen know a cannon character intimately, they love Edward or worship Mustang, or are related to a cannon character. This makes them very Mary-sue like. I'm going to avoid that altogether. Most FMA OCs are State Alchemists I've noticed. I couldn't aviod this though, beacuse I found it was the easiest way to create a story for her. She is also not based on me. Hopefully the combination of these things will help her not be a Mary-sue. Mary-Sue characters seems to be the main complaint fan fic readers and others have with OC fan character, so hopefully I can avoid that. Maybe it will be good practice for my own stories. Take care everyone. I'll post more about the GG and FMA OCs as they develop. My main goal for the Summer is to get LOTS of work done on NAL and secondly on the Tolvin story so those two first, then OCs lol.

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