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To the characters of N.A.L. please stick with me! I now it's been over ten years, but we can still do this! We can finish this story. You guys really mean a lot to me, even though some of you are major jerks. Please don't leave. Also I'm going to make a detailed plot summary so hopefully the wheels will keep turning.

To Lilly, Robert, and Zaven, you guys really can't be in a romantic relationship all together. In the period you guys live in group relationships weren't okay, please keep this in mind. I do believe this is due to a lack of ladies in the story, but I can't really fix that. Sorry...;(

To the male lead character of the "T" story. Please, please, please give me your name! I know so much about you, but it's hard to write you in third person when I can't refer to you by name.

To the totally bad ass awesome Izumi Curtis. I know you belong to Hiromu Arakawa *so so cool*, but if I could please work with you for role play on the Sky Tides RPG that would be great. I would love to do text based RP with my friends. I wouldn't do it if Sky Tides would allow original characters, but they don't. You can help me out right Sensai?

And last but not least. To Nadeem, hi there you're a cool character I think I'm getting to know you better. You can drive a mean sand skift ;). I would be cool if I could draw you're picture, please? I wish it was a little easier to RP you in during the D&D game. See you on Thursday, yay!

Hopefully we can all work together guys and get some stuff done!

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