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It's a strange feeling that this is my last day on campus! It's my last final today (Geography) and as I'm graduating on Friday (Oh my Gosh, Oh my gosh!) I don't think I'll need to return. The student learning center is closed today , so I guess I unwittingly said goodbye to it yesterday. I'm in the computer resource lab right now, and I will make sure to sit with the koi at the fountain, before I leave.

I usually try not to be so sentimental, but I guess it's in order as I've been here at Portland Community College Rock Creek Campus for four years now. It's been a really good run. My teachers have been excellent, and I learned about myself and interests, that in the case of anthropology, have become passions changing my course. I'm really glad I decided to slow down and come to PCC, rather than trying to painfully stick it out at PSU. I feel braver again, and don't feel like an awful wreck anymore. I didn't actually make any friends here, but It's not really what I came to do, and it wasn't because people were cold or unfriendly, like they seemed at PSU. Very much the opposite! There were a few things I meant to do that I didn't get around to. Like seeing if I could buy some wool from the farming part of school, or join in on any extra around school events. The events always seemed to be right when I was in class. However I do feel very fulfilled with what I've done here at PCC. I'm going to miss the pretty rural campus when I trade it in for the completely urban campus of PSU, but at the same time I think a change of scenery would be nice. I'll miss the windy little trip from St. Helens through Cornelius Pass to Rock Creek, but I look forward to taking the more straight forward commute to PSU. I guess I just wanted to say thank-you to PCC for making this whole college thing a lot more possible! ^_^

Now onwards to a new college-life section at PSU! I'm hoping this will only take me a couple of years, I shall see. I still have a lot of misgivings about PSU, but it's near and with financial aid I and family can afford it. My hope is that coming back to PSU as a junior will help me through this time. Part of me wishes that I could be done now, but I have this deep desire to see this through to a couple of bachelor's degrees. Maybe I'm barking mad, but I guess we'll find out for sure soon enough! Well, to prepare for the most immediate future, I best go study for my geography exam at 2:00 pm. Phew it is a tough one keeping motivated right before the end...

Goodbye to PCC RC, thanks again you lovely friendly school, thanks for helping me restore my cofidence to the levels that I can, and thanks for the great pre-requisite credits that I now don't have to take at PSU from TAs. I really really appreciate that! I will recommend you to all my friends and family when they are starting college! Hopefully you will meet my friend Amanda soon, she's got so much potential, and I know her future would be bright with you! I'll but in some more good words for you!

Lots of Love, your four-year-companion---Hayley! x  x  x ^___^
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Just a little thoughtful stuff again. My last Yoga & movement class is tomorrow, and the instructor wanted us to write or demonstrate techniques. I'm way to shy to demonstrate so I decided to write a little reflection paper. I do better at that sort of thing and it's not stressful. I thought I might go ahead and share it. Also I thought it might be nice to save my feeling on my first experience with Yoga. I've been rather scientific with my LJ lately, but that's okay a big part of way I'm doing it is to keep tacking of my doings, and keep a record. Here is the little paper:

Reflection on Yoga and Movement Class

Our class was a pleasant surprise to me in more ways than one. Originally it wasn’t a part of my schedule, but I am now really happy it has been. In the beginning I was planning on taking a spinning class, which I have experience in, but the class schedules were difficult to read and I had actually signed up for Yoga. It was fun and interesting during the first class so I decided to stay.  Although I like spinning, I am really glad I tried our class, because it allowed me to find another activity I enjoy and a new type of exercise altogether. I know that sometimes in life things get mixed up, and something new happens, but I decided to look at it as a good thing. An opportunity which presented itself and I was able to take. I figured this might be in harmony with the practice of Yoga.

The other way in which I was surprised was, I have been curious about Yoga for a little while now, but I was hesitant to participate in it. I had a preconception that, as Yoga looked so graceful and beautiful that it required grace and a great deal grace. I don’t know how the feeling came to me, but through the years I have felt that I am clumsy and having no grace. As a result I thought I wouldn’t be able to do Yoga. However, through this class I have found that I am capable of the poses, the stretching feels wonderful, and that I am graceful and flexible enough to do so. It seems I just needed to try it and not hesitate.

I was also surprised at the amount of cardiovascular exercise I received through Yoga. When I first started I didn’t imagine myself become sweaty or feeling exerted from poses. However, now I look back on it I realize that although while not doing the pose it looks like just a stretch, but actually there is a lot going on in my body. I’m breathing deeply and differently that how I would at rest. I’m working my muscles and my tendons hard although it’s not in the same way as one might in running or weight lifting it can definitely be felt.

In closing I must say I always feel cheery coming from Yoga and Movement class. It feels really nice to have treated my body well after a whole week of paying attention to my mind almost exclusively. Also I feel much more relaxed after our meditation. I really pleased I can let myself go in that moment and still my mind, being in school doesn’t give one many opportunities to do that. I have also used the meditation to help me relax to sleep. I’m really glad I decided to stay in our class, it’s been really fun, and has made me feel well. I’m happy to have taken a chance on it, it was well worth it.

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