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Oh man this term, I feel really stressed out about it! I feel lost on the meteorology labs, but not the concepts we cover in class, I'm reading but it takes me so long, and I couldn't finish last week's health assignment because I couldn't access the internet portion. I emailed my professor about on Thursday the 21st. I checked the email all the week plus weekend and on Monday around one pm, but there wasn't any reply. Yesterday I worked on reading to try and better understand Monday's lab, I'm so slow though- oh my gosh! I come in this morning and find out that the professor in health had emailed me Monday at 2pm. I had totally forgotten to check my email yesterday. If only I had I could have done the internet and paper portion yesterday and actually accomplished something! As it is I have to see how quickly I can finish it during break. That's if I can access the URL, which will give me the information I need for the paper portion. Grrr! I feel so bad about meteorology and health! I wish I had made it in time to take Astronomy, stupid Hayley stupid Hayley! I slept quite a bit yesterday, but I'm so tired right now. I feel like I've been sleepy a lot, but I just want to sleep more and more and more. I've noticed over the years that sleeping is sort of my body and mind's defense mechanism against stress, so yeah. I nearly finished with my Associates, but oh x amount of years more of this at PSU makes me want to curl into a quivering ball. I'm hoping I can finish with my Bachelors at PSU in two years, but PCC was supposed to be a two year type thing. I just want to go home right now! But I won't be able to until nine tonight. [Insert stream of explicitness]

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