Nov. 29th, 2010

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Here is my little report of Steam Con. I figured that it would be best to make a journal about the convention, it's a busy couple of days. As my birthday was the right before Steam Con, I decided to use the Con as a way to have fun for my birthday. I would say that plan definitely worked. I carpooled with Brian, Cheri, Kat, and Maimai up to Seattle. It was exciting as I hadn't been on a roadtrip with Kat, Cheri, or Brian in a long time. Maimai, I'm still getting to know. We drove up in his new car, a good way to break it in, on the way up. Kat, Brian, and I were pretty squished in the back, but that didn't bother me. Also it was very cold out, we had quite the cold snap around Steam Con, so the body heat was nice.

I was really happy to see Tyson when we arrived, and ran off with him to see the panel about "The world's Oldest Profession". It was a great panel the ladies hosting it had really done their research. I didn't know about certain details, like there being over a hundred "steamstresses in Seatle, but only on sewing machine." *Lol*  One lady even had an artifact brothel token and key, the token said it was, good for one quality lay :D!

I'll continue on with my report later, but I have to get to class at the moment. More to come...

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