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This morning was nice and different. Mum had to go into the immigration office in Portland this morning to get her passport stamped for residency, as her Green Card is being processed for a typo. She needs it fixed so we can visit England in June, yay! Aside from it being a hassle for her I think we had fun. I followed them into Portland, just because I could. We arrived at 9:00 this morning and Mum's appointment was until 10:00 so she, dad, I stopped by Powells. It was nice, and I had a little extra time when Mum and Dad went to the appointment. I thought it would be the best time to pick up Tyson a present for his birthday. I was getting worried about how I was going to be able to do it secretly. I found some nice things that I think he will like/ get some use out of. One of the things I bought I bought on a memory that he needed it. I hope it's still the case.

The other productive thing for today is I got my French HW work done. Nothing out of the ordinary there, it just feels good. I'm going to catch the bus home tonight so that will be give me almost two hours to work on HW for Geography, which is good. I guess this all nothing important, it was just nice to do something completely different this morning and accomplish some person stuff, for once!

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